– Remove bandage after 2 hours. Do not rebandage. Your tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal.
– Wash area with clean hands and warm water using a fragrance & dye free soap
– Pat dry.
– Keep your new tattoo clean – wash morning and night using method listed above, and after any time it is exposed to heavy sweating, dirt, or any outside elements
– Apply a thin layer of fragrance & dye free lotion three times daily, or whenever the tattoo feels dry or tight
– Call your artist if you have any questions or concerns regarding your new tattoo

– Scratch or pick at your new tattoo, this will cause damage.
– No Vaseline or Neosporin
– No swimming or soaking for at least two weeks or until the tattoo is healed. Normal showers are fine
– Keep pets away from the area for two weeks
– No suntanning for two weeks, after that always use sunscreen to protect your tattoo, direct exposure to the sun will fade your tattoo.

Recommended Products:
– Dial Soap (fragrance-free/dye-free)
– Aquaphor by Eucerin
– Lubriderm Lotion (fragrance-free/dye-free)

Shop Policies:

We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, no exceptions. It is a misdemeanor in the State of Washington (RCW 26.28.085). State or Federal issued identification (driver’s license, passport, state ID card, etc.) must be presented at the time of your appointment in order to be tattooed.

We will not tattoo anyone under the influence of alcohol/drugs.


Deposits are $40 for anything that will take under 2 hours, and $100 for pieces that will take over 2 hours. Smaller pieces will be bid outright, larger pieces will be charged hourly (contact artists for their hourly rates). We do not charge for custom drawings, we just require the deposit to start on them. The shop minimum is $80.00

Deposits are non-refundable. Your deposit will be deducted from your tattoo total. If you must reschedule your appointment we require at least 24 hours notice. Cancellation, no show, or rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.